One of the passengers sitting across the aisle and a couple of rows back is incessantly talking on the phone being loud and obnoxious, to someone who seems to be his girlfriend.  The conductor  announces on the PA system that smoking is strictly prohibited on the train, and opening the windows, especially while the train is in motion, is illegal.  He states the train will be making an unscheduled stop.  Looking out the window, we see a police car keeping up with the train on the parallel highway, emergency lights flashing.  

The passenger is saying some rude comments to his girlfriend.  One example, "Sometimes you're such a f#%&*ing b*$&% to be with." 

A couple of the passengers in his immediate vicinity try to Shhh! him.  One walks down the aisle towards the front of the train.  A few of minutes later, the conductor comes over the PA and announces "For the respect of other passengers, all phone calls should be made either downstairs in the train foyer or the lounge car."  The man's conversation continues.

Several minutes later, we stop at a small town with a little train depot somewhere in Arizona just before Flagstaff.  Moments later, the train conductor and two police officers, appearing to be local sheriff's, approach the passenger on the cell phone.

"Sir, you need to come with me," the deputy says. 

"Why?" the passenger asks, still on the cell phone.

"The conductor warned you twice about smoking on the train and you ignored him." 

"You gotta be kiddin' me." 

"Sir grab your stuff." 

The passenger focuses back on his phone call.  "What do you mean I don't want to talk to you?  If I didn't want to talk to you, I wouldn't still be on this goddamn phone."

"Sir, you need to come with me." 

Passenger yells into his phone.  "Damn it, I'm not trying to avoid you.  You can be a pain in the ass.  I'm f$%#!ng getting arrested right now."

"Sir, let's go," the deputy commands.  

The unruly passenger continues to yell into his phone.  "I'm getting arrested right now if you're so god damn concerned."  There's a pause as the man gets out of his seat.  "You don't f#!%^ing believe me.  Why would I make that sh#t up.  I can think of better ways of avoiding you."  Another pause.  The deputy is being very patient.

 "I'll take a f^*&ng picture if you don't believe me."  The passenger removes the phone from his ear, holds it facing the deputy, and snaps a picture.  A blue flash momentarily fills the subdued lit train cabin.  He motions hitting the send on his phone and returns to his phone call.  ""Are you f$()#ng happy now.  I told you I wasn't lying."

The police escort the man off the train still yelling into his phone.