Kastri, Greece

Mark's most recent email sent November 1, 2013

Happy (late) Halloween!

Sooo, I've been trying for almost a week to send you another email update, but I think it got lost in cyberspace. Here's take two:

I arrived in Greece about a week ago and have been staying in Kastri, Greece. It's a small village about 40 mins. northwest of Tripoli. Our Hosts, Linda and Raey, are extremely nice and have taken great care in providing for us! They are vegetarians, but the food is so good that you have to consciously remind yourself that you're not eating meat. Raey and Linda are originally from Britain, but have been living in Kastri for the last 14 years. 

Kastri Greece.jpg

We went on an incredible hike Wednesday. The summit was 3,000 feet high and the trail started at a nunnery. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the only wildlife we saw was a couple herds of sheep. Regardless, the hike was unforgettable.

We have spent most of our time pruning bushes, clearing paths in forest, moving wood and eating carrot cake with our tea, or coffee, during tea time. It's a hard life.

We had quite the adventure getting here from Italy. It took two full days basically. Our first train was at 6am and we arrived in Bari, Italy around 4pm. After walking a few miles, and making a few wrong turns, we eventually made it to port and caught our ferry to Greece at 5pm, Thursday evening. We were on the ferry until 2pm Friday. Once we arrived in Patras, Greece we thought the hard part was over, we were definitely wrong.

We took a bus, from the port, to the central bus station in Patras. The bus station was MADNESS! There were crowds of people everywhere, lines in all directions, buses which seemed to be in no coherent order, not to mention in Greek, people screaming, running in front of the buses, hanging out of the doors and a nice man telling us to stay away from the bathrooms. Needless to say it was a little overwhelming at first, but we found a way to navigate ourselves through the chaos and find the bus headed to Tripoli. Apparently, once on the bus, I started snoring and got a lot of weird looks... 

Anyways, after stopping at another bus stop, and almost getting on the wrong bus a couple times, we made it to Tripoli. Raey was patiently waiting for us when we stopped. We went through the usually introductions and we all pilled into the car. Linda and Raey had a hot meal waiting for us when we arrived, which was very much appreciated. By this time it was a little after 10pm on Friday. I had only had crackers, tuna, sardines and honey during our travels, so I was starving! I don't think anyone said too much and after eating we went straight to bed. 

That's about it for now. I hope all is well and life is good for everyone! I have no room to complain on my end. I'm learning/seeing a lot and can't wait to share in more detail later. I miss and love everyone!

Love, peace and chicken grease