Made it to Europe

First leg of my nephew's Mark journey...e-mail sent to the family on September 20, 2013



Our trip started with us we losing a member of our group in Chicago. Unfortunately, Jack forgot his passport in Iowa and had to wait until it was shipped to him. We will meet him in Sweden. The three of us, Sam, Ian and I, made it to the airport with our passports, checked in smoothly and boarded the plan with no problems! Once on the plane however we had a 4 hr. delay. Originally because the food caterers needed more time preparing the food, and then due to lightening.

During that time, we made friends with everyone around us. Sam made friends with a grad student studying in London whose parents happened to be from Tennessee. Ian and I sat next to this dude named Devin, originally from Queens, NY. He had tons of travel experience and stories to share. He noticed that our flight attendant had some "sugar in his tank" and struck up small talk in hopes of getting a few extra drinks. Long story short, Devin's slick tongue got our flight attendant, Floyd interested in me. Apparently, Floyd was a lonely black dude from Chicago who wanted company. He hooked up first class service in a coach seat, but only for Devin and I (Devin was also black...I think that had something to do with it. We were the only brothers on the plane.) Floyd was nice enough to give Devin and I each: four personal bottles of wine, a fruit plate at 2am, a tablet to watch movies and play games, 7 little bottles of whiskey and all of his contact information...he wants to learn how to organic farm ;).

After being treated like royalty, we made it to London, but had no time to waste. We jumped on our flight to Dublin shortly after and landed in Dublin around 3pm Thursday afternoon.

When we arrived in Dublin we collected our bags, withdrew a few euros to get around and to eat, found a hostel and made our way through Dublin. At this point we are all pretty exhausted. We found and checked into our hostel for 17 euros, grabbed a beer and food down the street, came back and took a nap. After an hour of sleep we realized the cheapest way for us to get to Sweden was hiking 3 miles to The Dublin Ferry Port, catch a ferry to north England, taking a train down to Gatwick airport and then fly to Gothenburg Friday night at 7pm.

Well, we are currently waiting on our flight! This is me sitting in the Gatwick airport with 45 mins of complimentary wifi, only if you download app. It's currently 3:09 pm on Friday the 20th. The only sleep I've had is during transition in an uncomfortable ferry, train or airport terminal seat.

So far everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful when we ask for directions or the way things work. We've only had wifi in the airports and for a sec in the hostel before realizing we had to leave. It may be a day or two before I'm able to send another update but everything is going as planned, even though we have no plans. Sorry I wasn't able to update earlier.

Talk soon.


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