Finished "The Martian" and an Interesting Event

Well, I finished the Martian last night; it kept me up until 1 in the morning.  I must say it was quite interesting and kept me entertained.  I did have to wallow through some slow parts, especially as the author got to be very detailed oriented on the technical and science aspect during many of the situations.  Of course, that went in line with the story and the circumstances surrounding the protagonist.  I'll work to write a detailed review over the next couple of days.   

Onto another interesting event.  I stopped and got gas the other evening after getting off work.  After I inserted my plastic money in the slot, the display worked as it should and requested for me to select which grade of fuel.  Being the one not to waste money when I don't need to and the owner's manual says use the lowest octane, I'll definitely go with the owner's manual.  I start to pump the gas and the LCD screen stays at $0.00 and gallons 0.000.  Weird.  I try reinserting the nozzle, resetting the pump handle, and a couple of other attempted remedies.  Of course nothing happens.  Now is when I start hearing the cacophony of the other customers all mentioning something must be wrong, their pumps stop working as well.  One of the station attendants comes out carrying yellow and black caution tape.  Not a good sign.  She yells out "The pumps are down."  Great. Just as I finish placing the nozzle back into the pump and securing my gas cap, a customer who had walked in a couple of minutes earlier comes walking out and bellows, "Can you believe the gas station ran out of gas."  You should have seen the embarrassed look on the gas station attendant's face.