5 Ways to Tell If Your Keys Want To Go on Vacation

1.) You keep losing them. Be real, they’re trying to give you a hint. You may think you’re becoming forgetful, but nope. They’re trying to sneak out.

2.) They act like they don’t work in the lock they’re intended for. This is their form of rebellion.

3.) They keep getting tangled amongst the other keychains, keyloops and anything else keeping you from finding the key you really need at the moment. Of course this is only the case if you have a whole crapload of keys and key rings on your keychain. A key ring with just a few keys is fine and the keys may not really need a vacation. The key siblings probably aren’t getting on each other nerves with just a few hanging around. However, if you do have a key ring with only a few keys, and keep forgetting where you put them, refer to rule 1.

4.) Everytime your reach into your purse or pocket to pull out your keys, you swear they poked you in some way. Now they’re getting obstinate and really want to go bad. You're just not getting the hint.

5.) They're bored. 

(Future Post - How to tell if you're having a bad day or ate bad Sushi; not as simple as you think)