The Fallen (Continued)

Of all true instances within genuine theological literature where the fallen are identified, they maintain the same glory, splendor, elegance as prior to their disinheritance.   Their radiance would sequester the simplest beauty of a candle ordained in the darkness of night.   Next to one, the candle would suffocate in the glorious light of the angel.  It is important to note it is a light glorious, not of the same vestiges as that of the Father in heaven but a brilliance incomparable to any human creature.  To see one, one would think that, just by their light, they must be intrinsically good.

Not all the fallen race toward Sodom and Gomorrah.  Some seek power, the ability to influence the decisions and destiny of men and countries.  They reveal their potency, their cunning, by weaving elaborate deceptions with the simplest of constructs, a menial thought injected into the stream of consciousness of a political or religious leader, a second in charge, someone whose trusted words would be taken and acted upon.  And yes, they even design religions and divine deceptions enthralling the souls and emotions of men. These are the effective tools used to persuade many from embracing the simplest truths and embrace idyllic endeavors under the pretense of utilitarianism.

Men are their tools for this great quest to sculpt the political castles used to control the destiny of men.  The seduction of men is in the machinations of their tools. They master the art of deceit.  First they present the façade of good will toward men, subtly and overtly employing the thoughts of men to act on their emotions: to feel good about doing good things.  No, all demons are not of evil underpinnings spewing hate and callousness (yet they all do hate mankind whereas mankind is to be of greater future esteem than they were slated to be).

The Imprisoned and Those on Bail

There is the presupposition that all of the fallen are out and about, free to roam to cause mischief and mayhem on some sort of purgatorial or spiritual bail program--their judgment suspended only awaiting the final execution of the sentence against them all in the appointed time.

Some speculate there are those assigned to that place call the “Great Gulf” or “Tartarus.”  At the appointed time, they are to be loosed upon a world in turmoil.

(Incomplete due to mass disappearance of persons across the world)