Think Kings Publishing, LLC

Think Kings is an independent publisher, established in 2013, that specializes in genre bending literary fiction, titles that add to the collective voice of genre fiction that feature riveting narratives and unforgettable and relatable characters.

Our purpose is to stand at the forefront of the revolution of publishing, a new era where the digital age will positively add to traditional book production and entertainment creation.  Collectively we are in the midst of an evolution in the publishing industry, and at Think Kings, we embrace the new while honoring traditions.


Kat Lange Designs

Kat is the primary driving factor for the Graphics Design used in conjunction with Think Kings Publishing. Her work is very dynamic, sharp,  and clean. 

Catalog of Works



Perry Covington

Perry Covington (aka PC) is the author of the children's book series, Child of Atlantis.  I really enjoying the first book and the building story arc (sp).  All I can say, it sounds to be an awesome story line as he continues to develop it.  Look for it on Amazon both in Kindle format and paperback.

Another cool aspect of PC is that he's really wanting to help other writers succeed.  He with a couple of other artists founded the group Think-Kings. They can be found on Facebook and at

Child of Atlantis Book Cover

Child of Atlantis Book Cover

Cynthia Cordell

Cynthia is an author who has already completed a collection of short stories and a science fiction novel called Alcener that I enjoyed reading. I have to admit it took me a bit at first, but it was a fun read.  According to her blog site, she’s also working on her second novel.