The Fallen.

We will discuss the category of angels referred to as being fallen.  Of course, one initial question asked is why they are named as such.  It is more on how they have come to their status of being called the “fallen.”  

The fallen are considered those who rebelled against God, one of them being the instigator of sin in human history.  This one is considered the most magnificent of all created angels, yet also the one to experience the greatest fall.  (This will be covered in greater detail within another treatise on the site.) 

It is important to note that they are not hideous.  They are not the grotesque or a deformed semblance of a bipedal in a leather-skinned, winged reptilian creature noted in literature.  Nor are they are not the demonesque creatures derived from medieval art or folklore, whose countenances and appearances were intentionally devised to keep an ignorant population from knowing their true nature. Neither are these malevolent images fabricated to inspire fear in the weak believer versus building upon the attributes of the stronger divinity. 

They do not reside within vacuums of light or shadows born of the night.  You may have heard of the shadow people, the instantaneous remnant of a person’s sight's past, and the obscure figures fleeting within an instant at the turning away with the eyes.  No, that is not them.  That is a trick of the eye, the mind amplifying the semblance of what could be an individual.  Some believe these are the shadows of angels.  Angels don't need to play tricks and work within shadows.   Does this mean the fallen would use the flaws of man to advance their own objectives, to use the shadows and mold the fears of men?  It would be foolish to think otherwise.

 The Fallen (Continued)