My Personal Dualism of Writing and Blogging

It's strange, you'd think with me liking to write, that blogging would be easy. It's just the opposite.  When I write, a story is in my head where I can spew words onto the electronic page, jot down ideas and concepts on a scratch pad, or napkins, and then come back to them and maybe mosh it up a bit.  I can then develop them or build it into the plot, casting off the chaff along the way.  Here's where characters are born, or they continue to take shape; scenes can be crafted and plot lines fashioned from my story outline.  

Blogging seems to be the presentation of a mini-essay quilted with different concepts and thoughts that hit the brain at a given moment, expounded upon, typed up, reviewed and then pushed into the world on the blog site. Yes, some of the same basic principles are used as if writing; a blog idea pops into my stream of consciousness, captured on whatever medium is around at the time, and then edited and posted.  There's no true overall development enjoyment as if writing a short story, novella, or novel.

The positive of blogging though is I can begin to use it as mini-writing excursions.  As I think about it, even just capturing fragments of thoughts and blogging them will keep me writing.