A Blog is Born...


A blog is born, barring the cliché from a would be author using a cliché.  My focus is to provide information concerning works in progress, news on future projects, and a cross platform for interesting information and topics. These can actually spawn excellent background for new projects or enhancing those in progress.  I definitely don't want this to be a place where I discuss what I ate for breakfast, how my day at work is going, or how's the weather.  BTW, just for info, I live in Southern California so as most know, its generally warm.  Enough said.

I also want to use the site and discuss the writing of other aspiring authors.  One whose work I enjoyed, though it took a bit to understand at first, is called Alcener.  It's a  science fiction novel written by Cynthia Cordell.  She initially started working on short stories and is working on another full novel. 

Another aspiring author is Perry Covington.  I hope his current project is going well and will post more when it’s available.