The Federal Shutdown is Here...And I'm at Home

Well, I'm taking these days off since being impacted by the shutdown of the Federal Government catching up on sorting through my recent mail, reviewing notes for a couple of story ideas I'm working on, and reviewing the edits recently completed by an editor I hired to work on "The Fallen and the Elect".  She put a lot of work into project, and from what I had time to review so far, its been pretty good.   

Now I have to also work on the Family Reunion site with this extra time.  Just got a bunch of stuff from a cousin to peruse and post, so I definitely need to make the most of this free time.  And by free, I just realized, I'm not getting paid for today.  Ouch.  I could go into a political tirade as to who I believe is right or left of being correct, but the fact of the matter is, what is the true impact to the day to day operation of other areas of country.  

Yowza, I just remember I have a couple of other errands I need to run:  oil change for the car, dry cleaning pick up, and grocery shopping.