Finally Getting to Posting the Review of 'Book of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios"

Well I got around to posting the review for the novel "The Book of Hours:  The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios".  All in all, compared to my previous post, its a must read.  Don't expect fast paced action-packed suspense but a well crafted story based on a simple historical book.  Interesting topic, and interesting story.  And apart from working on some notes from the sequel the The Fallen and the Elect, I think I'll try to attack a non-fiction book.  I started "The Black Swan" a while back, think I'll give it another go.  

Book of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother AlphaiosBook of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios by J.S. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I extremely enjoyed “The Book of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother Alphiaos” for what it didn’t have. The book didn’t have action packed scenes attempting to create the visual of an action movie. It didn’t crazy over the top characters to attempt and add color to the story. It didn’t have a fanciful plot adding plot twists in an attempt to keep the reader guessing. Is there anything wrong with these writing devices, of course not, especially if used correctly. Where this story succeeds is with simple story telling, although a couple of times a bit monotone. In all, this didn't take away from the story, the author was an excellent wordsmith. The characters were down to earth and well developed with realistic human frailties. The story pacing was methodical and deliberate, and at first I thought maybe a little slow, but the more I continued, the deeper it developed. It was cool to see the main character you would think to be out of his element, as the story progressed, the more you see he was very well in control of everything going on around him, but realizing there were many events he had no control over. I couldn’t put the book (Kindle) down.

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