Journey to the World of Never Events

So why is it called the "Journey to the World of Never Events"?  It would have to be due to a reflections of all the things that never happened.  We always tend to look at our lives based upon what's going  on each day.  What happens if we focus on those things that haven't happened.  Would that change how we view our daily lives. Let's see, I didn't climb K2, Mount Everest, or the Matterhorn, but then again I'm not a mountain climber.  I didn't race in the Daytona 500, but then again I'n not a NASCAR driver.  So the journey could be infinite and I believe everyone is on their own ride.  

Talking to a friend, he mentioned something similar on a project he's working on called the land of Broken Dreams.   It was based on things he never got to do, or never went as planned.  Could both place exist in the same construct.  He's going to make an animation project out of it.  I think it'll be cool and link it to the blog when its completed.