Train Stories - Kansas to Los Angeles

Thought I'd throw on a couple of train story events during my travels over the last couple of years between Kansas City and L.A/Riverside Area. (And yes, the stories are real)

While standing in line at the lounge car to get a hot chocolate, a person with the appearance of a Rastafarian, slightly heavy, and almost perfect English is talking with another guy.  Both are in the line ahead of me. 

“Man, I really need to stop doing shrooms.  Last time some lady came up and asked, hey what happened to the whites of your eyes.’I went to go look in a mirror and my pupils were so large. Man, I looked like I was warping in and out of the mirror.  Man what a trip.  I can’t be doing that stuff anymore.”  He paused for a second, and then continued, “can’t wait till I get off the train so I can smoke some weed.”


A passenger decides to talk to an Amish mother and father travelling with their toddler daughter. 
“So where are you guys from?”
“So what state did you get on at?” (Legitimate question)
“So what city did you get on at?”
“La Plata, there’s an Amish community near there.”
“So is there an Amish community in Illinois?”
“Yes, La Plata.”
“I didn’t know you could take a train?”
“It’s one of the ways we believe we can travel.  We’re needing to go to San Diego and then down to Mexico to visit a friend there for medical treatment.  He has cancer.”
“Oh…so what city are you travelling to?”
“San Diego.”
“Oh, is there an Amish community in San Diego.”
“No, we're going down to Mexico.”
“Oh, why you going to Mexico.”
“Going to visit to a friend who has cancer.”
“Oh, well hope you have fun down there.”
I can’t even explain the look on the Amish husband’s face.