Elements of a Good Independent Coffee House

Giant Coffee Cup

I know this next post was to be about the difference between Bad Sushi and a Bad day, when thinking about it, its quite evident.  So here are elements I consider of a good independent coffee house. 

  • The music isn't too loud.  You can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, talk amongst friends, work on laptop, browse the web on your tablet, or meditate on the day. 
  • There's space to kick back, break out the laptop and work.  You don't feel crowded in and claustrophobic.
  • It doesn't feel like a chain store - there's a couple that come to mind, branding everywhere, and for one chain, small isn't small but tall, which in this universe, I thought tall and large were somewhat synonymous.  Also medium isn't medium, large isn't large.  If you're gonna use Venti (Italian for 20 oz), then convert to milliliters.  But hey, Italians use the metric system so they wouldn't have a 20 oz equivalent would they? (I don't know really...hmmm...now I'm just spouting off, do they have a 20 oz equivalent?)
  • Back on track, you don't feel like you're in a store front shop, but a place of relaxation. (This actually knocks off one or two more places I like to go…ughhh.)
  • The staff aren't dressed the same, but each wearing something unique with their own personality. We'll give you the smock or apron, but after that, the barristas don't look like cookie cutter company droids.