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The Fallen and the Elect (Select  title link for supplemental information)

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It's been 10 years since millions disappeared. Subsequently, angels started to appear at random funerals eulogizing the deceased. During one funeral, an angel is the cause of a fatal event investigated by a priest, nun and former seminarian. Their investigation leads to a test of each of their beliefs, and answers to questions they never anticipated.

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The Fallen and the Elect: The Aurora Strain

(The work did undergo and slight re-edit.)

In the sequel on to “The Fallen and the Elect”, the angels return after ceasing to give their eulogies at funerals.  The survivor of the fatal visitation in Los Angeles has the ability to communicate with angels.  Father Hernandez, Sister Justine, and Michael Saunders - a former seminarian, who all first investigated the mysterious events in "The Fallen and the Elect", resist those who try to silence what they’ve learned as their investigation intensifies. See what they continue to uncover and how their lives continue to change.  The book is available as an e-book and hard print.

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The Fallen and the Elect - Aurora's Child

The third book in the Fallen and the Elect series.  

Due out in Late 2019 (The finals edits are complete, with the last rounds of proofing in the works.)

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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House Xrion

Due out Late 2019.  A Free Preview copy will be made available November 2019.

The Human race is expanding across the galaxy. Planetary governments soon become Ruling Houses overseen by a Governing Council.  House Xrion arose as gate keepers of commerce & trade, arbitration & negotiations, banking & finance, protocol, and even sponsored assassinations within the Houses.  But what happens when the integrity of the House is corrupted. Several Houses threaten to succeed and conflict looms?  Is there a chance for order to be restored in the galaxy?



This is the lighthearted story of a salad that weighs 5.5 ounces, and it decides to go on vacation; a man unexpectedly ends up in the shower and tells you he knows how to find it. Just make sure you keep enough rocks in your pocket. Written in homage to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, this is a story of epic proportions - well not epic, but whimsical proportions. 

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North of Elysium

A teenager from Africa with the ability to track spirit possessed creatures is aided by a self-exiled religious recluse with the unique ability to read souls. The two are brought together and journey to a mysterious small town in Northern California searching for a daimon that's entered the world causing local havoc. If not successful, the ramifications are greater than both initially realize. (Planning for a small rewrite)

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