In this sequel to the supernatural mystery novel, “The Fallen and the Elect”, angels no longer present mysterious eulogies at random funerals. Months pass by, and then one day they suddenly return, arbitrarily showing up at churches across the world.

Father Hernandez, Sister Justine, Michael Saunders, and Stephen Williams overcome the challenges that attempt to keep them apart. The four will work together in an attempt to discover the reason for the unanticipated reappearance of the heavenly creatures and their impact on unique events occurring in the church.

Could it have something to do with a mysterious and secretive project being developed by a bio-medical company headquartered in Los Angeles? In the first book, they discovered disturbing information leading the separation of the church’s investigative team. The dedication of Father Hernandez wanting to find the truth, and the aide of a mysterious woman who seems to be more intimate with key components of their investigation than they imagined, they move closer to finding the truth.

As new dangers emerge, there are those who'll try to silence what they'll learn; and in the process of trying to look for answers, they further realize that not all angels are the same.