North of Elysium (Revision in Progress - July/Aug 2019)

Why is a daimon so interested in sending the wrong persons North of Elysium?

Daimon (dā’ mon) - Greek derivative  for the term demon; a unique and distinct malevolent spiritual influencer of man.

North of Elysium Cover Art (Image by Greg Martin - )

North of Elysium Cover Art (Image by Greg Martin -

A teenager from Africa learns he has the unique ability to hunt spirit-possessed creatures, some good, most evil.  After the tragic loss of his father, he is sent on an undertaking to find a malicious daimon that has entered this world.  He's aided by an exiled religious recluse from the Shoshone Indian tribe of  Wyoming  who has limited ability to read souls.

The two journey to a mysterious small town in Northern California called Elysium.  Here they meet an enigmatic sheriff and mayor, both at contention with one another.   They also learn never to go north or west from Elysium unless you're a passerby destined to travel the route.  More important, they  find the daimon is active in sending the wrong persons north, and must be stopped.

If not successful in their pursuit to thwart the dangerous imp, the ramifications are greater than both realize.


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