The Fallen and the Elect 

"Not all angels are the same."

No one ever expected angels to start appearing at random funerals and eulogizing the deceased.  After the disappearance of millions from across the face of the earth, that is exactly what happened.  At first, most were scared to attend funeral services anticipating some sort of wrath or judgment would occur, but over time, the heavenly visitors presented themselves as benevolent.  

Artwork by Cristian Vazquez

Artwork by Cristian Vazquez

Funerals had become the anticipated go-to events with everyone attending hoping to catch the glimpse of a heavenly creature.  Raffles, contests sponsored by churches, radio & television stations, and private companies are held to fill potential empty seats, especially at the services for those who were considered unpopular persons and passed away.  When someone famous dies, seats are sold and the tickets can be scalped for thousands of dollars.  There was higher expectations that an angel would appear based on the prominence of the deceased individual.  Just as amazingly, county run funeral services for John Does and Jane Does, the homeless and indigent found dead in the streets, as well as other unclaimed bodies now find they are fully attended.  

For nearly ten years, these random visitations occur without incident.  And unlike video games, movies, other forms of entertainment, or any other fad, the prospect of attending a funeral with an angelic visit never becomes passe'.  It's during one funeral in Los Angeles that the public's worse nightmare comes true, an angel appears and is the cause of a fatal incident killing nearly all of the attendees.  There's one survivor and this is where our story begins.

The police begin their investigation but are quickly stumped. During the initial investigation by the authorities, a priest, a former seminarian, and a nun are dispatched by the Catholic Church to find out what happened.  The mystery intensifies; a week later, there's another death during another funeral.  

Due to a secret two of the three church investigators had held for years, it'll lead the three to Mexico.  While there, they make little progress during their investigation until they return to Los Angeles.  With the insight provided from a mysterious woman, they begin to piece together a possible motive for the deaths and the nature of the events.  So why does the church want to suppress what they've learned.  

One truth will subtly reveal itself, not all angels are the same.  What our investigators learn will test each of their beliefs,  and answers to questions they never anticipated.  

Bonus Material - The Writings of Michael Saunders (Michael Saunders is a character in "The Fallen and the Elect"

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