Train Stories

Travelling on the train can be very fun with the opportunity to meet interesting people and experience out of the ordinary events.  The links below are observational musings or actual occurrences during several of my trips to and from Kansas City during 2012 and 2013.  Some of the language is a bit much, but it reflects actual dialogue.  I didn't even have to embellish any of these stories.  I hope you enjoy them.

Los Angeles - Kansas City Trip (July 2012) 

This trip was filled with interesting characters more pronounced than your typical run of the mill passengers.

 Kansas City - Riverside (April 2013)  

Overall trip was uneventful, except for one unruly passenger.   

Riverside - Kansas City (August 2013) 

Average train trip until a car-carrier tractor trailer tried crossing in front of us and learned a physics lesson the hard way.  No one on the train was hurt, but the truck driver and train engineers were taken to the hospital for observation.  My train ended up arriving 6 hours late into Kansas City.